Saturday, January 04, 2014

Glitter Accent

These past few weeks have been up and down but I finally did my nails and I love them. I recently bought two new nail polishes from the Maybelline Color Show Sequins Collection and I absolutely love them. I had been on the hunt for a good silver glitter polish, mostly so I could do a glitter accent mani like this one, so I picked up Silver Gleam and also Sea-Quins which is turquoise glitter (I'll try to have a swatch up in the next week).

This mani is quite girly for me because I'm not a big glitter person, but I think I've fallen in love and it feels like these two polishes were made for each other. The other polish is Essie's Bond With Whomever. Love, love, love it!

I did two coats of the Essie polish and three coats of the Maybelline glitter, I could have gotten away with two, but I wanted three just to make it that little bit more opaque.

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  1. They're completely perfect together! Both are gorgeous on their own too :) Great photos!


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