Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pink and Orange Watercolour

Okay, so it's no secret that I freakin' love watercolour nail art. And when I combine it with a Matte topcoat, it becomes my ultimate favourite mani. I love this so much and I wish I hadn't taken it off for work today. You'll probably see at least one watercolour mani every month because I'm only just getting started with the colour combos. Let me know if you get sick of them though!

The pink is Hot Spring - Ulta3, which is a deep, dark pink normally, almost purple. I've never actually used it before except to test it when my mum bought it for me ages ago. I had never been a big fan of it until the other day when I picked it out and under the light I use to do my nails, it looked absolutely amazing, so now I'm a massive fan of it. The orange is Mock Snob - Revlon, which is also quickly becoming a favourite of mine. 

I've got another post planned for Friday or Saturday so look out for that! I've decided I won't be doing another Christmas mani this week, I might save them for Christmas week!


  1. I love the way this polishes match together!
    Your nails look great :)

  2. I like it very much. Pink is very universal colour for nail designs :)


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