Wednesday, December 04, 2013

NOTD: L'Oreal - Metropolitan

L'Oreal have stolen my heart again with this amazing colour. I'm a big fan of gray nail polish and have been on a never ending search to find the perfect gray and I think I've done it. Metropolitan is the most amazing shade of gray I've ever come across. It's light enough so that it doesn't look too gloomy but it's also dark enough to not come across as a silver or light blue. This photo is without a top coat as well so it's very shiny on it's own. I'm in love with it.

I used French Riviera - L'Oreal and the cling wrap method in the photo below and I like how it turned out! French Riviera has some small blue specks in it that I forgot to get a photo of, but I'll eventually swatch that colour by itself and show you all. 

You may notice I filed my nails down a bit and rounded them off more, I love this length and shape a lot more than I thought I loved long square ones. They just kept breaking too often.


  1. your nails look just perfect!

    Xx julia

  2. Gah, I've been looking for a good grey or too for a while and I think I'll need to try this! Love the swatches, love the new nail shape and LOVE the saran wrap mani!!! :)


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