Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ripped Nails - Halloween Nail Art

I never really do themed holiday nails but I thought I'd get on the Halloween bandwagon and do some gross, bloody, ripped nails. There are a bunch of tutorials and designs like this out there but I was inspired to do this after seeing Jessie from Nailed It NZ's video on zombie nails!

I had so much fun doing this! I used an array of red, maroon and black polishes as well as red and black lipstick, food colouring and eyeshadows. I didn't have a specific technique to it, I mostly followed Jessie's tutorial, starting of with a messy red base, cutting/ripping the nails and then gluing them on and then I just went kind of nuts with all the polishes and lipsticks, then i smudged on some dark purple, red, and brown eyeshadows around my nails and down my fingers. I basically just layered everything on, trying to make it textured and as realistic as possible. It was so damn messy!

They are absolutely disgusting! I actually started to feel sick while editing the photos and every time I looked at them before I took them off I just got a little queasy. Even while writing this I feel a bit sick. But I'm really proud of them! I knew they were either going to turn out really awful or really amazing and I think they're pretty amazing! It feels so good to go out of my comfort zone and end up with something this cool.

That's it for today's post! I hope you enjoyed them and weren't too grossed out like I am!

- Melissa.

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