Friday, February 06, 2015

January Round Up

So, long time no posting! But I did warn that it would happen so there's no surprises there! But I thought I would do a round up post for the times I don't post much and round up what I've been doing recently. I've actually found that I get a lot more nail art done when I'm not worrying about writing the blog post to go with the pictures so if you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen that I was posting a lot recently.

Let's look at some nail art!

I absolutely love this colour combination for the leopard print below. The silver and coral polishes go really well together and I'm glad it turned out as good as it looked in my head.

I filmed a tutorial for this design below (see end of post for video). I love the colours and this design is definitely in my top ten favourite things to do.

This post and the one above were posted on my instagram while I was away in Queensland for a few days. It's a sort of plaid like design that is super easy to do.

After my little holiday I took a mini break from nail art just because my nails were in bad shape from being in the pool a lot, but I came back with this awesome splatter nail art. It's one of my favourites that I've ever done, the colours just go well together and the splatters are perfect sizes!

This ended up being the base of some nail art that is under this post but I thought I'd chuck it in here seeing as I did post it on my instagram.

Painting the black sections over this gradient just bought it all together for me and made the gradient look smoother and neater. I used to tape to get clean, straight lines.

I've only done this design once before in a mix n match mani but I thought I'd incorporate a few colours and see how the pattern turned out and I love how it ended up. I did this in about ten mins (minus the white polish drying time) so I think this will be my go to mani when I'm short on time or lacking inspiration.

And here's the video for the striped nail art.

That's all for this round up post! I actually have a few exciting posts coming up, but I'm not exactly sure when they'll be so keep an eye out for any posts over the next month or so! I'll try to make posts for at least one mani every few weeks, but I enjoy doing these round up posts till I get back into the flow of blogging.

Thanks for reading!

- Melissa.

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  1. In love with the purple gradient! Amazing design!

    Hope you can follow me back :)


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