Saturday, January 03, 2015

Australis Milky Way / Colourful Stripes

Today I have my first nail art of 2015. It's been extremely hot in Melbourne these past two days so yesterday after work I quickly smashed out this mani before my room became too hot to work in as I wanted to get a new post up this weekend.

It's a very simple mani using an Australis polish called Milky Way as inspiration for the stripes. I've wanted to use this glitter for a while now but every time I tried to I just couldn't think of a design that would go with it; I also had a bit of trouble applying it perfectly but this time round I started with a white base, applied one thick-ish coat of the glitter and then once dry, dabbed some polish onto a piece of paper and picked up and placed single bits of the glitter onto my nails to make it look packed on. I love how it turned out, it's such a nice glitter polish with the white base colour and a lot of colourful and different sized glitters.

I matched the stripes to four of the colours in the glitter using the following polishes:
Frog Prince - Ulta3
Manic Panic - Australis
Lacy Daisy - Ulta3
Block It Out - Ulta3

As you can see I applied a matte top coat which makes me love this mani even more! The matte glitter actually reminds me of jawbreakers when I think about it; that chalky sort of effect.

Thanks for reading!

- Melissa.

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